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FightBox’s KING OF KINGS HERO’S SERIES continues in Vilnius, Lithuania LIVE on Saturday, March 14th at 6:00pm

King of King’s, one of the world’s most recognizable kickboxing brands, returns live to FightBox HD on Saturday March 14th at 6:00pm as the world’s best kick boxers do battle in Vilnius, Lithuania.


The main feature of the evening will be a four man light heavyweight (-93kg) tournament with the winner going on to fight for the KOK Championship. In the first semi-final match, Kryspin Kalski of Poland takes on Lithuania’s Sergei Maslabojev while the other pairing consists of Romania’s Dorin Robert versus Fabio Kwasi from Holland, representing the world famous Mike’s Gym. The card also features three big super fights as Rodrigo Ferreira of Brasil faces local favorite Karolis Liukaitis, Ernestas Dapkus battles Luke Whelan of England and Poland’s Mateusz Kopiec takes on Henrikas Viksraitis.


King of Kings provides events of the very highest level by bringing together world class athletes and the most dedicated fans of combat sports to the largest arenas in the world. Strength, courage, luck and fan support will decide the fate of these warriors.


The full card for this incredible event can be found below:


Four-man Lightweight Tournament (-93 kg, KOK Rules)

Semifinal 1: Kryspin Palski (Poland) vs. Sergei Maslabojev (Lithuania)

Semifinal 2: Dorin Robert (Romania) vs. Fabio Kwasi (Holland)

Finals: winner 1 vs. winner 2


Super fight 1

-81 kg, KOK Rules: Rodrigo Ferreira (Brazil) vs. Karolis Liukaitis (Lithuania)


Super fight 2

-71 kg, KOK Rules: Luke Whelan (England) vs. Ernestas Dapkus (Lithuania)


Super fight 3

-71 kg, KOK Rules: Mateusz Kopiec (Poland) vs. Henrikas Viksraitis (Lithuania)


Fights on FightBox HD

-71 kg, KOK Rules: Chico Kwasi (Holland) vs. Martynas Jasiunas (Lithuania)

-85 kg, KOK Rules: Valdemar Kulda (Lithuania) vs. Rokas Karbolis (Lithuania)

-71 kg, KOK Rules: Jordy Laret (Holland) vs. Herkus Lukosiunas (Lithuania)

-62 kg, KOK Rules: Karolis Buslys (Lithuania) vs. Vitaly Melnikov (Lithuania)

-65 kg, KOK Rules: Kyriakos Filippidis (Cyprus) vs. Igor Isinin (Lithuania)

+93 kg, Bushido Rules: Ayo Daly (Ireland) vs. Matas Stebuliauskas (Lithuania)

+93 kg, KOK Rules: Stepan Cirlig (Moldova) vs. Martynas Knyzelis (Lithuania)

-67kg, Bushido Rules: Patrick Wixted (Ireland) vs. Ignas Barysas (Lithuania)

In addition to the live worldwide broadcast on FightBox HD, King of Kings live coverage will also be available on-line to FilmBox Live subscribers and on

Contact : Milena Wisniowolska


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