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Results for the KOK World Series from Warsaw, Poland 21.05.1021


Warsaw, Poland was where it all started for King of Kings. They very first KOK event took place there in 2010. This past Saturday they made history in the Polish capital once again, crowning the first ever KOK World Heavyweight Champion since 2017. Veteran fighter Michał Turyński captured the title in a five round fight that went the distance, defeating Latvia’s Reinis Porozovs. Also, in a highly anticipated Middleweight fight between two of KOK’s top fighters, Kamil Ruta was victorious against Jurijs Orlovs in a battle that ended up going an extra round. Full results for the evening can be found below.

Part 1 Results

-80 kg, Sanda Rules, Exhibition Fight: Hubert Dylewski (PL) vs. Alan Beroud (PL) - DRAW

-75 kg: Adrian Paszkiewicz (PL) def. Kamil Koperski (PL) by KO, 2nd rd

-63 kg: Marcin Majewski (PL) def. Kacper Glinicki by UD

-58 kg: Ilona Wojda (PL) def. Viktoria Docekalova (SK) by UD

-70 kg: Vladislav Shatunskyi (PL) def. Saumelis Sorochovas (LT) by TKO, 2nd rd

Part 2 Results

-65 kg: Krzysztof Olszewski (PL) def. Oleg Moshin (BLR) by UD

-70 kg: Robert Rajewski (PL) def. Laurentiu Partenie (IT) by SD

-75 kg: Tomasz Zamysłowski (PL) def. Aurimas Krukauskas (LT) by TKO (injury), 2nd rd

-77 kg: Volodymyr Hynzhu (UKR) def. Jozef Hurak (SK) by TKO, 3rd rd

-55 kg: Barbara Nalepka (PL) def. Ludovica Ciarpaglini (IT) by UD

-71 kg: Dmitrij Varec (BLR) def. Przemysław Kierpacz (PL) by TKO, 2nd rd (cut)

-85 kg: Kamil Ruta (PL) def. Jurijs Orlovs (LT) by UD (ex. rd)

Main Event, +95 kg, KOK World Heavyweight Title Fight, 5 x 3 min

Michał Turyński (PL) def. Reinis Porozovs (LV) by UD


It’s worth noting that in the post fight interview with Michał Turynski, he revealed that he had broken his right hand about one week before the fight, but did not tell anyone. He now becomes the first ever KOK World Champion from Poland. The next KOK event will be June 5th in Tallinn, Estonia. The next live event on FightBox will be May 31st - Colosseum Tournament Kickboxing from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox, click here.



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