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Interview with Enriko Kehl before "Oktagon: Petrosyan vs. Kehl" LIVE on FightBox HD April 11th

On Saturday April 11th on FightBox HD, one of the biggest kickboxing events of the entire year, "Oktagon: Petrosyan vs. Kehl" will take place from Milan, Italy at 8:00pm Central European Time. Recently an interview was conducted with Enriko Kehl for the official Oktagon website.


Interviewer: Enriko, what did you think when you were told that you would have to fight against the living legend Giorgio Petrosyan?
Kehl: It’s a real honor for me. Giorgio is one of the best fighters in the world, and I have always considered him number one, so I accepted the challenge with pride!

Interviewer: Do you know that the Italian public thinks you beat Buakaw just because he did not appear for the final round of the K1 World Max in Bangkok?
Kehl: I do not give a damn about what people say. I fought hard to reach the final. I was there, and I fought, not the people who are talking!

Interviewer: Do you really think that Giorgio Petrosyan is a living legend?
Kehl: Of course, George is the best right now.

Interviewer: As you ready for the match?
Kehl: My team has supported me in training. I worked hard. You will see the results in Milan on April 11th!

Interviewer: What would you like to say to Giorgio now, before the fight?
Kehl: Giorgio, I know you’re fighting in your country, but I'm not going to lose! See you in Milan!

Interviewer: And what will you say to him after the fight?
Kehl: Thanks - for having defeated him.

Interviewer: What are your expectations of the fight?
Kehl: The crowd will be going crazy for my fight!

Interviewer: Did you know that most people think you can only win by knockout because Giorgio will definitely win on points?

Kehl: Again, I do not care what people say! In Milan, I’m going to win!

Interviewer: Do you want to say something to the Italian fans?

Kehl: See you in Milan on April 11th. I know that the Forum will be full and bursting with incredible excitement.


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Contact: Jacek Osadnik


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