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FightBox & Bushido KOK Hero’s Series 2015 - LIVE on Saturday April 18th at 8:00pm

King of Kings, the top European kickboxing federation, returns to LIVE action as the FightBox Hero’s Series continues, showcasing the world’s best kick boxers and MMA fighters on Saturday, April 18th from Alytus, Lithuania.

Nine incredible matchups will take pace with the best fighters from all over the world including five fights under KOK kickboxing rules and four bouts under Bushido MMA rules. Top fighters from Poland, Latvia, Ukraine and, of course, Lithuania will test their strength inside the ring to decided who is the true King of Kings. The full card can be found below:

Fights airing LIVE on FightBox HD

[Opening Fight] KOK Rules, -67 kg: Rokas Bucas (Lithuania) vs. Rafaelis Pasajevas (Lithuania)

Bushido Rules, -67 kg: Dmytro Bezverkhyj (Ukraine) vs. Vilius Tarasevicius (Lithuania)

Bushido Rules, -81 kg: Michał Tarabanka (Poland) vs. Darius Minkevicius (Lithuania)

KOK Rules, -67 kg: Jan Naus (Lithuania) vs. Nauris Lukosiunas (Lithuania)

KOK Rules, -65 kg: Janis Freimanis (Latvia) vs. Igor Osinin (Lithuania)

Bushido Rules, -93 kg: Krzysztof Pietraszek (Poland) vs. Teodoras Aukstuolis (Lithuania)

KOK Rules, +93 kg: Janis Ginters (Latvia) vs. Julius Mocka (Lithuania)

KOK Rules, -71 kg: Piotr Trzesniewski (Poland) vs. Henrikas Viksraitis (Lithuania)

Bushido Rules, +93 kg: Janusz Dylewski (Poland) vs. Tomas Pakutinskas (Lithuania)

King of Kings provides events of the very highest level by bringing together world class athletes and the most dedicated fans of combat sports to the largest arenas in the world. KOK has a wide fan base due to its nature, its intensity and spontaneity. Almost 80% matches end in knock-out. This fact is the fundamental attraction of the sport.

In addition to the live worldwide broadcast on FightBox HD, King of Kings live coverage will also be available on-line to FilmBox Live subscribers and on


Watch the event live on for just $14.99!


Contact: Jacek Osadnik


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