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FightBox’s King of Kings Heroes Series returns LIVE on Saturday September 26th from Chisinau, Moldova

King of Kings, one of the most recognizable brands in the world of kickboxing, returns to Chisinau, Moldova on the 26th of September 2015 at 6:00pm Central European Time.

After a short break during the summer season, KOK is back to live action on FightBox with continuing coverage of the King of Kings Heroes Series. Top ranked fighters from all over the world will compete in seven fights under KOK rules. The main attraction is a fight between number four ranked 71 kg fighter Cristian Dorel of Moldova and Ilmiras Churmatulinas of Lithuania. Also, number three ranked 65 kg fighter and KOK veteran Stanislav Renita of Moldova will take on a a very talented fighter from Poland, Dariusz Skoczek. The full card for KOK can be found below.

Fights LIVE on FightBox HD

70 kg: Cristian Dorel (Moldova) vs. ilmiras Churmatulinas (Lithuania)

65 kg: Dariusz Skoczek (Poland) vs. Renita Stanislav (Moldova)

85 kg: Roman Sarja (Germany) vs. Denis Apavaloae (Moldova)

63 kg: Igor Osinin (Lithuania) vs. Andrea Serra (Italy)

+93 kg: Robert Dorin (Romania) vs. Zubco Dragos (Moldova)

71 kg: Dawid Mirkowski (Poland) vs. Alexandr Prepelita (Azerbaijan)

71 kg: Clayton Henriquez (Holland) vs. Vitalie Matei (Moldova)

KOK World Grand Prix

KOK Eight Man Heavyweight Tournament

Quarter Final #1: Daniel Sam (UK) vs. Colin George (Holland)

Quarter Final #2: Stepan Kyrlig (Moldova) vs. Emidio Barone (Italy)

Quarter Final #3: Michał Turyński (Poland) vs. Vladimir Tok (Germany)

Quarter Final #4: Julius Mocka (Lithuania) vs. Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania)

Super Fight

+93 kg: Dimtry Bezus (Ukraine) vs. Maxim Bolotov (Moldova)

Super Fight

+93 kg: Freddy Kemayo (France) vs. Pavel Zhuravlev (Ukraine)

King of Kings provides events of the very highest level by bringing together world class athletes and the most dedicated fans of combat sports to the largest arenas in the world. KOK has a wide fan base due to its nature, its intensity and spontaneity.

In addition to the live worldwide broadcast on the FightBox HD channel in over 40 countries around the world, the King of Kings live coverage will also be available on-line to FilmBox Live subscribers and will be streaming online at for only $14.99!!

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