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Results for MMA Bushido from Almaty, Kazakhstan 1802.2021


MMA Bushido, the mixed martial arts branch of the King of Kings promotion, held its first event of 2021 this past Thursday. The event emanated from Kazakhstan. This was the second time that the organization has hosted an event in the country. Once again a sixteen-man MMA rules tournament was held. The eventual winner of the tournament, Serik Tlekeev, won four fights in one night to not only win the MMA Bushido -77 kg championship, but also the keys to a new car. It’s worth noting that there were no reserve fighters in the tournament. On occasions when a fighter could no longer continue, another fighter who had previously lost took his place. The full results for the evening can be found below.

Opening Round Fights

Ilyas Sadykov def. Anvar Ikramov by submission (anaconda choke), 1st rd

Bolat Manarbek def. Ayan Ernst by TKO (low kicks), 2nd rd

Maulen Ashimkhan def. Adilzhan Sandibekov by TKO, 1st rd

Serik Tlekeev def. Medgat Zhakypbek by UD

Dastan Ergaliev def. Mahir Aliyev by UD

Zhandes Isabekov def. Meyirkhan Nygyman by TKO (knee), 2nd rd

Sanzar Taziev def. Ruslan Kaliev by KO, 1st rd

Bauyrzhan Kuanyshbaev def. Dzhahar Shidakov by UD

Quarterfinal Fights

Ilyas Sadykov def. Ayan Ernst by KO, 1st rd

Sarik Tlekeev def. Adilzhan Sandibekov by TKO (punches), 2nd rd

Zhandos Isabekov def. Dastan Ergaliev by UD

Bauyrzhan Kuanyshbaev def. Sanzor Taziev by TKO

Semifinal Fights

Sarik Tlekeev def. Ilyas Sadikov by UD

Bauyrzhan Kuanyshbaev def. Sanzor Taziev by TKO

Tournament Final

Serlik Tlekeev def. Bauyrzhan Kuanyshbaev by UD

Other fights

Boxing Rules, -65 kg, 4 x 3 min

Sadijar Akramov def. Azamat Espai by UD

Kickboxing Rules, -80 kg, 3 x 3 min

Andrei Bibikov (RU) def. Ilja Bulavincev by KO, 3rd rd

The next live King of Kings event will be next Sunday 28.02.2021 when King of Kings returns to Lithuania for their first kickboxing event of the year the “KOK Classic 5”. To see a list of upcoming live events of FightBox HD, click here.



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