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MMA Bushido 77 LIVE from Vilnius, Lithuania 03.05.2019


FightBox is proud to announce that MMA Bushido, one of Europe’s longest-running mixed martial arts promotions, returns to live action from Vilnius, Lithuania on Friday May 3rd starting at 9:00 pm CEST (10:00 pm local time).

MMA Bushido, the mixed martial arts branch of King of Kings, will present thirteen fights inside the cage. Top fighters from six different countries will battle for MMA glory in Vilnius, Lithuania. In one of the featured bouts of the evening, one of the world’s top ranked light heavyweight kickboxers and the current KOK Light Heavyweight Champion Sergej Maslobojev will fight under MMA rules for the first time in seven years. “I want to take Lithuanian MMA to the next level” said “Kuvalda”, who plans on competing in both kickboxing and MMA simultaneously. Maslobojev is currently the hottest commodity in Lithuanian fighting and is competing for many of the top fight promotions in the world including KOK and One FC. He is also eyeing a potential fight in Japan for Rizin later this year. His opponent this Friday will be Moldova’s Nicolai Garbuz.

The main event features a Heavyweight Title Fight between local hero Tomas Pakutinskas and challenger Denis Polehin of Russia. Both men have had their fair share of wins and losses over the years. For the past several fights both have also been fed a number of warm up opponents. Everything seems to be leading up to this moment which should be a very competitive matchup for the title inside the cage in Lithuania. The full fight card can be found below.

Fights LIVE on FightBox HD

Main Event, MMA Bushido +93 kg Title Fight, 3 x 5 min

Denis Polehin (Russia) vs. Tomas Pakutinskas (Lithuania)

Co-Main Event, -93 kg, 3 x 5 min

Nicolai Garbuz (Moldova) vs. Sergej Maslobojev (Lithuania)

-77 kg: Aliaksandr Danilchenko (Belarus) vs. Marius Zaromskis (Lithuania)

-75 kg: Keith “The Butcher” McCabe (Ireland) vs. Vitold Jagelo (Lithuania)

-65 kg: Andrei Adzintsou (Belarus) vs. Igor Osinin (Lithuania)

-85 kg: Arsieni Fomienko (Belarus) vs. Naglis Kanisauskas (Lithuania)

+93 kg: Siarhei Firsov (Belarus) vs. Karolis Kaupas (Lithuania)

-60 kg: Klaudia Pawicka (Poland) vs. Ernesta Kareckaite (Lithuania)

-62 kg: Daniel Roibu (Russia) vs. Karolis Buslys (Lithuania)

-85 kg (grappling rules): Pavel Bereza (Russia) vs. Kasparas Strazdas (Lithuania)

-85 kg: Ernestas Varankevicius (Lithuania) vs. Erikas Golubovskis (Lithuania)

-70 kg: Viktor Makarenko (Belarus) vs. Osvaldas Fedorovic (Lithuania)

-70 kg (ZST Rules): Denis Cretu (Moldova) vs. Tauras Adomaitis (Lithuania)


MMA Bushido is a professional mixed martial arts promotion that gives top contenders and rising stars the opportunity to prove their talent to MMA fans all over the world. It is one of the most active, fastest growing and well respected organizations in the world and FightBox is the broadcasting associate for these series of events.

In addition to the live worldwide broadcast on the FightBox HD channel in over 60 countries, the MMA Bushido coverage will also be available on-line to FilmBox Live subscribers at Card is subject to change.




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