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Results for the KOK Mega Series from Vilnius, Lithuania 18.03.2023


King of Kings returned home to Vilnius for the first of two events in the Lithuanian capital this year. Two new champions were crowned, one in the KOK Lightweight division and another in the MMA Bushido Welterweight division. Full results for the evening can be found below.

KOK Hero’s Series Results

-70 kg: Natas Stupak (LT) vs. Linas Pocevicius (LT) - DRAW

-77 kg: Evaldas Balsys (LT) def. Adas Rybakovas (LT) by UD

-70 kg: Romualdas Auga (LT) vs. Tadas Sinkevicius (LT) - DRAW

-62 kg, Boxing Rules: Ernesta Kareckaite (LT) def. Ilona Wojda by UD

-77 kg: Raimondas Krilavicius (LT) def. Vjaceslavs Teless (LV) by KO, 3rd

KOK Mega Series 2023 in Vilnius Results

-91 kg: Edvinas Salkovskis (LT) def. Michał Walczak (PL) by KO, 2nd

-77 kg: Raimondas Avlasevicius (LT) def. Akram Belmakkia (NO) by UD

-77 kg: Manuel “The Big F” Rifa (CH) def. Henrikas Viksraitis (LT) by UD

KOK World Lightweight Championship Fight, 5x3 min, -71 kg

Niko Korventaus (FIN) def. Gustas Dimsa (LT) by UD

MMA Bushido World Welterweight Championship Fight, 3x5 min, -77 kg

Arturs Leisans (LV) def. Vitold Jagelo (LT) by KO, 1st

The next live KOK event will be on Saturday April 1st from Riga, Latvia. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox HD, click here.



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