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Results for National Fighting Championship 13 from Dortmund, Germany 25.03.2023


Germany’s National Fighting Championship debuted live on FightBox this past Saturday from Dortmund. The event featured a NFC World Featherweight Title fight in which Max Coga defeated Mert Ozylidirim to capture the title. Full results for the evening can be found below.


Main Event, 5x5 min, NFC World Featherweight Title Fight

Max Coga (DE) def. Mert Ozyilidirim (DE) by sub (triangle choke), 2nd


142 lbs: Khalid Taha (LB) def. William Valentim (BRA) by TKO (punches), 1st

145 lbs: Maurice Adorf (DE) def. Anastasios Chatzigeorgiadis (DE) by UD

170 lbs: Florim Zendeli (ALB) vs. Wladimir Holodenko (DE) - Majority Draw

145 lbs: Eduard Kexel (DE) def. Abubakar Sabirov (DE) by TKO (punches), 1st

145 lbs: Max Heine (DE) def. Tobias Eylitz (DE) by sub (anaconda choke), 3rd

155 lbs: Alisher Abdullaev (DE) def. Itay Tratner (ISR) by SD

135 lbs: Max Holzer (DE) def. Mohammed Walid (IRN) by sub (RNC), 2nd

155 lbs: Murat Tuysuz (TR) def. Sali Azam (DE) by TKO (punches), 2nd

265 lbs: David Balevski (DE) def. Jim Toma (AT) by TKO (punches)

185 lbs: Jonathan Wernz (DE) def. Julian Pennant (DE) by sub (RNC), 2nd

135 lbs: Miljan Zdravkovic (HRV) def. Hugo Vach (DE) by UD

135 lbs: Alperen Bulut (TR) def. Zenel Krasniqi (MOR) by TKO (punches), 3rd

205 lbs: Mraz Avdoyan (DE) def. Deni Mirnic (BiH) by sub (neck crank), 1st


The next live event on FightBox HD will be this coming Saturday 01.04.2023 when King of Kings returns to Riga, Latvia for the Mega Series. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox, click here.




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