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This is Why I Never Quit My Day Job ...


It’s March 14th 2020 and as I drive around the streets of Rzeszów, Poland things look strikingly different. Shopping malls are closed, restaurants are closed, bars are closed, cinemas are closed, even the borders are closed. Poland is under government imposed lockdown. All international fights and trains are cancelled as are all mass events, including combat sports.

It’s a sight and a reality I’m sure I am not alone in experiencing. It’s like the plot of a superhero movie come to life. However, this is exactly why I never quit my day job. Being a full time combat sports commentator, many people are shocked when I tell them that I still teach English at a High School during the week. I guess when they see my Instagram feed with pictures every week from a different location around the world, they assume I must not need to have a day job. And most of the time, I probably don’t. However, any entertainment-based job is a very unstable and unpredictable one.

The Fight Business is in for the Fight of its Life

Just like how in 1996 Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash formed the nWo, I really think, depending on how long and how severe the Coronavirus outbreak is, we could be looking at a literal “New World Order” in the fight industry.

Having been a promoter in the past, I can tell you that the number one reason my company did not last is because of event cancellations and postponements. A small or medium sized fight organization may be able to withstand one cancellation or postponement, but several months with no income on top of an already postponed or cancelled event may signify the end for a lot of these promotions.

Even the biggest organizations such as WWE, the UFC and others will certainly feel the hit. The fight business is in a battle for survival right now. When the Coronavirus finally passes, I think we may see a re-organization of who the top fight promotions are. Obviously the world leaders (UFC, ONE FC etc.) will still be the world leaders, but the others will be battling not only to stay in business, but for the remaining share of the pie.

Always Have Plan B

When I first moved to Poland I didn’t speak the language and so my employment opportunities were limited. Teaching English was not a choice, it was a necessity. Fifteen years later I am still doing it. I’ve had plenty of other jobs over the years: wrestler, promoter, trainer, journalist, podcaster, commentator, ring announcer - but I’ve never given up teaching. It’s always been my “plan b” and an additional source of income.

The entertainment business, and I put combat sports in that genre, is in peril right now. I hope this virus blows over soon and we can all get back to work. Unfortunately, it’s not an option to work from home if you’re a fighter, a promoter, an event organizer, the owner of a gym or any of the other jobs in the industry. I realize that this virus is a worldwide concern and that they physical health of people is of the utmost concern, but it may be at the financial expense of many, many people.

Keep Calm and Support the Fight Business

Over and over again I hear people uttering the same phrases: “We’re monitoring the situation closely” or “Don’t Panic, just be smart” or my personal favorite “stay safe”. I really think people just repeat these things like some kind of mantra, hoping that things will get better soon. And what else can you do? It’s a tough situation to be in if you’re in this business. Let’s hope we can KO the Coronavirus and get back to work soon. Until then, stay strong and keep fighting!

- Daniel Austin









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