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Results for KOK Classic 27.06.2020


King of Kings returned to live action this past Saturday for the organization’s first event since the COVID-19 outbreak. The event, entitled “KOK Classic” was held in Lithuania without a live audience and with shorter rounds, in accordance with the regulations being enforced on live events by the Lithuanian government. All kickboxing bouts were 3x2 min and MMA fights were under ZST rules at 2x4 min. Below are the full results for the event.

Part 1

-77 kg, Grappling Rules: Klaidas Lukasevicius (LT) vs. Vitold Jagelo (LT) - DRAW

-88 kg: Mantas Janisius (LT) def. Aurimas Dubrauskas (LT) by UD

-52 kg: Ieva Mitukute (LV) def. Aniya Mieksha (LV) by UD

-85 kg: Einars Goldberg (LV) def. Eimantas Zdancius (LT) by TKO (retirement after rd.2)

-73 kg, ZST MMA Rules: Osvald Fedorovic (LT) def. Deividas Daividavicius (LT) by UD

-60 kg: Aleksandr Cerkesov (LV) def. Ernest Gerasimovic (LT) by UD

+95 kg, ZST MMA Rules: Zilvinas Kymantas (LT) vs. Arturas Kudresovas (LT) - DRAW

-76 kg: Lukas Banevicius (LT) def. Simonas Rackauskas (LT) by UD

Part 2

-68 kg: Shamil Dzamaldaev (LV) def. Samuelis Sorochovas (LT) by UD

-69 kg: Vitas Karosas (LT) vs. Laurynas Sriubiskis (LT) - DRAW

-67 kg: Eduard Mishin (LV) vs. Łukasz Łęczycki (PL) - DRAW

-86 kg: Ricardas Kulis (LV) def. Deividas Bartaskas ( LT) by TKO (corner stoppage), 2nd rd

-80 kg: Dominykas Dumbrauskas (LT) vs. Mantas Janisius (LT) - DRAW

-72 kg: Daniel Szott (PL) vs. Dovydas Rimkus (LT) - DRAW

-75 kg: Henrikas Viksraitis (PL) def. Denis Makowski (PL) by UD

The live event schedule for the rest of the summer is still very tentative due to the COVID-19 restrictions, so please check the FightBox website later for more information.



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