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Results for the KOK World Series from Vilnius, Lithuania 16.03.2024


King of Kings returned to live action on FightBox HD this past Saturday 16.03.2024 from the Avia Solutions Group Arena in front of an estimated crowd of about 9,000 fans. The main event featured arguably the number one ranked light heavyweight fighter in the world, Sergej Maslobojev as he took on Dutch fighter Leandro Dikmoet, a decisive underdog. The card also featured the long-awaited return of Lithuanian MMA fighter Sergej Grecicho and many other surprises. The full results for the evening can be found below.


MMA Bushido Results


-70 kg: Kmilijus Kaganovicius (LT) def. Emilis Panceris (LT) by UD

-60 kg: Mantas Rimsa (LT) def. Aleksandras Juzikas (LT) by UD

-72 kg, kickboxing rules: Benas Sorochovas (LT) def. Joey Klijenburg (NL) by TKO, 1st

-84 kg: Clyde Brunswijk (NL) def. Ricards Ozols (LV) by TKO, 2nd

-71 kg: Sergej Grecicho (LT) def. Nicolae Ixari (MD) by TKO, 1st

-77 kg: Raimondas Krilavicius (LT) def. Rodrigo Mineiro by TKO, 2nd (towel)

KOK World Series Results

-71 kg: Evaldas Balsys (LT) def. Anton Podgoryj (UKR / PL) by KO, 2nd

-74 kg: Ignas Barysas (LT) def. Uladzislau Haliakevich (NL) by TKO, 1st

-90 kg: Edvinas Salkovskis (LT) def. Kestutis Kavaliauskas (LT) by KO, 3rd

-73 kg: Nauris Lukosiunas (LT) def. Revelinio Wessels (NL) by TKO, 1st

-77 kg: Raimondas Avlasevicius (LT) def. Manuel “The Big F” Rifa by UD

+95 kg: Sergej Maslobojev (LT) def. Leandro Dikmoet (NL) by TKO, 2nd


The next KOK live event will be 20.04.2024 when the promotion debuts in Athens, Greece. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox HD, click here.




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