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Results for the FightBox KOK Hero’s Series from Sarajevo 03.07.2019


King of Kings returned to live action on FightBox HD for the promotion’s ninth big event of 2019 and their debut in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event saw the crowning of the very first KOK European Heavyweight Champion in Bosnia’s Dzevad Poturak as well as the first winner of the Heavyweight WGP - Aleksandar Dimovski. There will be another Heavyweight WGP later this year and Dimovski will face the winner of that tournament for the KOK Heavyweight Championship. The full results for the evening can be found below.

KOK WGP in Sarajevo Results

+95 kg, KOK European Heavyweight Title Fight, 5 x 3 min

Dzevad Poturak (BiH) def. Dritan Marjamaj (AT) by TKO (Barjamaj didn’t come out for rd. 2)

+95 kg, KOK Heavyweight WGP Final Fight

Aleksandar Dimovski (MK) def. Sanid Imamovic (BiH) by TKO, rd. 1

+93 kg, Boxing Rules, 6 x 3 min

Adnan Redzovic (BiH) def. Andras Balazs (HU) by KO, rd. 2

-85 kg: Danilo Tosic (BiH) def. Igor Emkic (BiH) by TKO, rd. 2 (towel thrown in after Emikc suffered a badly broken nose)

+95 kg, KOK Heavyweight WGP Semi-final #2

Aleksandar Dimovski (MK) def. Sasa Jovanovic (SVN) by TKO, rd. 3

+95 kg, KOK Heavyweight WGP Semi-final #1

Sanid Imamovic (BiH) def. Alija Selmanovic (MNG) by KO, rd. 2

FightBox KOK Hero’s Series Results

-75 kg: Haris Biber (BiH) def. Ermin Lugan (BiH) by TKO, rd. 1

-85 kg: Njegos Tuffi (SWE) def. Milos Vulovic (MNE) by TKO, rd. 3

-71 kg: Selmir Delic (BiH) def. Jasmin Ramic (BiH) by SD (ex. rd.)

-71 kg: Edin Sinanovic (BiH) def. Andrei Minoiu (RO) by KO, rd. 2

-75 kg: Rasim Basic (BiH) def. Alexandru Popescu (RO) by TKO, rd. 3

-84 kg: Albert Ugrincic (BiH) def. Mihailo Culafic (MNG) by UD

-71 kg: Vedad Cutuk (BiH) def. Ali Bajic (BiH) by TKO (ex. rd. - three knockdowns)


The next live King of Kings event on FightBox will be 26.07.2019 from Sakarya, Turkey. The next live event on FightBox will be this Saturday 06.07.2019, the Kunlun Combat Professional League from China. To see a list of upcoming events on FightBox, click here.




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