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  • Kunlun Fight 75 LIVE on FightBox from Taiyuan, China 15.12.2018


    FightBox is proud to announce that Kunlun Fight, one of the world’s biggest kickboxing organizations, will debut with live action from China on Sunday December 15th starting at 12:30 pm CET (7:30 pm local time).

    Kickboxing giant Kunlun Fight will make its live debut on the FightBox HD channel with KLF 79 “Gold Rush” from Taiyuan, China. The event features an eight-man tournament at -66 kg with the winner being declared the very same night. That means that the winner of the tournament will have to fight three times in one night in order to win. Many of the top -66 kg fighters in the world are participating including Japanese star Kenta Yamada, current Enfusion -63 kg Champion Soufian Kaddouri, Ukrainian standout Sergii Kuliaba and many others. The winner of the tournament will be declared the Kunlun Fight -66 kg Champion. There also several other super fights to be featured on the event under both kickboxing and MMA rules. The full fight card for the night can be found below.

    Kunlun Fight -66 kg World Championship 1/4 Final Fights

    1) Sun Zhixiang (China) vs. Kenta Yamada (Japan)
    2) Jia Aoqi (China) vs. Sergii Kuliaba (Ukraine)
    3) Gu Hui (China) vs. Nafi Bilalovski (Belarus)
    4) Wei Ninghui (China) vs. Soufiane Kaddouri (Morocco)

    Kunlun Fight -66 kg World Championship Tournament (Reserve Fight): Lu Jianbo (China) vs Lv Ruilei (China)

    -58 kg, MMA Rules: Banmaduoji (China) vs. Anatpong Bunrad (Thailand)

    Kunlun Fight -66 kg World Championship 1/2 Final Fights
    1/4 Final Winner 1 vs. 1/4 Final Winner 2
    1/4 Final Winner 3 vs. 1/4 Final Winner 4

    -67 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Pong Thong (China) vs. Zhang Chunyu (China)

    -70 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Song Shaoqiu (China) vs. Kong Lingfeng (China)

    -61.5 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Wang Wenfeng (China) vs. Feng Liang (China)

    Kunlun Fight -66 kg World Championship Final Fight

    1/2 Final Winner 1 vs. 1/2 Final Winner 2

    Based in China, Kunlun Fight is a kickboxing promotion developed by Kusun Media. KLF regularly holds some of the most exciting kickboxing action in the world featuring China’s best kickboxers as well top international kickboxing superstars and FightBox is the broadcasting associate for these series of events.

    In addition to the live worldwide broadcast on the FightBox HD channel in over 40 countries, the Kunlun Fight coverage will also be available on-line to FilmBox Live subscribers at