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Live Events


In addition to the 24hr combat sports programming on our channel, FightBox also provides many live events each month from the top fight promotions in the world. There is nothing like the thrill of watching a live fight and FightBox provides several live events each month. Check back to this page frequently to see an updated list of live events (all hours for UTC+2).

If you do not have the FightBox HD TV channel, you can watch online, anywhere, anytime at




30.09.2023 - Makowski Fighting Championship - Zielona Góra, Poland




14.10.2023 - King of Kings, Tallinn, Estonia

20.10.2023 - Colosseum Tournament Kickboxing, Baia Mare, Romania

28.10.2023 - King of Kings, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia




18.11.2023 - King of Kings "Mega Series", Vilnius, Lithuania






* schedule subject to change




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