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Results for the FightBox KOK Hero’s Series from Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia 09.11.2019


King of Kings returned to Slovakia on Saturday November 9th after a successful debut in the country one year ago. The event was headlined by a KOK Interim Heavyweight Title fight. Slovakia’s Martin Pacas was able to defeat Poland’s Michał Turyński by decision to capture the title. It was also announced that as a result of his victory, Pacas will fight Alexandar Dimovski, who won the KOK Heavyweight WGP in Sarajevo in July. The two will meet at a future KOK event in 2020. The full results for the evening can be found below.

FightBox KOK Hero’s Series Results

-60 kg, Boxing Rules, 3 x 3 min

Filip Kiszka (SK) def. Siergeh Kiszka (PL) by UD

-62 kg: Bohdan Kopkin (UKR) def. Dominik Antl (SK) by UD

-58 kg: Viktoria Docekalova (SK) def. Michaela Kacerova (SK) by UD

-81 kg: Boxing Rules, 3 x 3 min

Stefan Halus (SK) def. Martin Orsuliak (SK) by TKO, 3rd rd

-75 kg: Jozef Hurak (SK) def. Filp Rzondek (PL) by SD, extra rd

-85 kg, Boxing Rules, 3 x 3 min

Adrian Valantin (SK) def. Maciej Lisek (PL) by KO, 1st rd

KOK World Series 2019 in Slovakia Results

-62 kg: Cyril Pazitny (SK) def. Igor Tkacuk (UKR) by TKO, 3rd rd

-71 kg: Mykola Gavryliak (UKR) def. Milan Kovac (SK) by SD

-72.5 kg: Vladimir Konsky (SK) def. Robert Vereyken (UK) by UD

-95 kg: Ivan Bartek (SK) def. Pascal Toure (FR) by UD

+95 kg, KOK Interim Heavyweight Title Fight, 3 x 3 min

Martin Pacas (SK) def. Michal Turynski (PL) by UD


The next KOK event will the on Saturday November 16th which will be the 20th Anniversary of MMA Bushido / KOK 80. Certainly it will be a historic evening. To see a list of upcoming live events on FightBox, click here.



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